Working together with grain growers is a natural approach for Malteurop. Firstly because growers are at the very origin of Malteurop and because they are part of the Group’s shareholding structure via their cooperatives. And more than anything, in order to be able to play its role of integrator of the barley-malt-beer value chain and ensure the security of malting barley supplies, Malteurop enters into long-term partnerships with the growers in the countries where the Group is present. These partnerships take concrete form in three indissociable dimensions: quality, volume, and price.


The final properties of malt are mainly determined by the intrinsic natural qualities (physico-chemical and nutritional qualities) of the raw material – barley.

Because malting barley is a highly technical crop, Malteurop is constantly researching, testing, and evaluating the best varieties for the different climates and soils and for the types of malts sought after, and proposes them to its partner growers.

This work, done in close collaboration with storage entities, educational institutions, and certain companies, lets us recommend the appropriate growing itineraries that are respectful of the environment, based on the principles of reasonable farming.


With qualitative expectations well defined, Malteurop commits itself to the quantities purchased from growers, thus providing them with security regarding the commercial success of their harvests.

Working together also means providing growers with agronomic advice that will help them maximize the yield of their malting barley harvests.


The purpose of our approach to setting prices is to ensure a competitive revenue per hectare in order to make barley growing profitable and attractive over the long term. Malteurop renews and multiplies the types of contracts it enters into in parallel with the evolution of the grain market.