Consulting and engineering

Malteurop, a group of international size and geographical scope, can provide consulting and engineering services in contexts where the stakes are high for its customers, backed by:

  • agronomic skills and knowledge acquired on different continents and in different climates,
  • expertise in developing the supply chain around its physical locations,
  • industrial know-how in the different malting technologies,
  • experience in managing complex projects in differing cultural environments.

To accomplish these missions, Malteurop brings the appropriate skills and resources to bear and commits itself to delivering results.

Malteurop has five specialized consulting programs:

  1. Malteurop Barley Development Program

    Organization of the barley supply chain: Varietal development and seed multiplication, agronomic consulting (on malting-barley growth itineraries), implementation of good practices for storage and transport, taking into account environmental constraints and food safety regulations.

  2. Malteurop Technical Development Program

    Malting plant engineering: Study of the local environment (operating conditions) prior to the design phase and implementation of industrial solutions, either in the case of an existing facility (modification, extension of capacity) or construction of a new plant. Malteurop Technical Management designs and contracts the fabrication and installation of the appropriate industrial equipment for the malting plant.

  3. Malteurop Manufacturing Program

    Optimization of the malting process: Audit and consulting on each phase of industrial operation (from production to storage and including maintenance).

  4. Malteurop Supply Chain Development Program

    Optimization of the malt supply chain up to the brewery: Takes in organization of the barley supply chain, engineering of the malting plant, and optimization of the malting process in addition to simplification of administrative management – from ordering to planning and transport.

  5. Malteurop Training Program

    Agronomic and industrial training (product and equipment), optimization of economic management.