Working together

“Working together” is an exact description of Malteurop’s philosophy.

The barley-malt-beer value chain is a short and mono-product one that is subject to unpredictable climatic factors and sensitive to the changing economic picture. The main players that make it up – grain growers, maltsters, and brewers – are interdependent. For Malteurop, the continuity of the value chain lies in the success of each of the players and in solidarity among them, including the indispensable partners who are Malteurop’s suppliers – seed producers-breeders, storage operators, and carriers.

Brewers’ expectations and demands regarding malt are many and more and more complex – controlled, guaranteed quality levels, at competitive prices; availability and security of supplies; visibility of the evolution of prices in the face of market volatility; adaptation of varieties to the market; etc.

Regardless of their size, whether they are located on local or international markets, and whatever the constraints they face at a given time, brewers today must be able to count on a malt supply chain that is reliable, robust, agile, and economical.

Malteurop bases its partnership relations with its growers on reciprocal commitments and clearly defined rules. The objective is twofold: to ensure the permanence of malting barley supplies and to make certain that its grower partners earn a competitive revenue per hectare.