Ryszard Zdeb

Malteurop Poland General Manager

Ryszard Zdeb

Ryszard Zdeb is Managing Director of Baltic Malt in Gdansk, a company that became part of the Group late in 2006. For eight years, he has also held the post of President of the Council of the Port of Gdansk, which represents businesses’ economic interests.

In the 1980s and 90s, he organized the activities of Polish companies in Germany. On his return to Poland in 1993, he began working for the Gdansk port authority as Commercial Director. He contributed greatly to promoting the Port of Gdansk as a business platform. It was through these efforts that a German investor decided to locate a malting plant on the Port of Gdansk. It was the birth of Baltic Malt. In 2009 it became Malteurop Polska Spółka z o.o.

In 1996 Ryszard Zdeb took over as General Manager of Baltic Malt, contributing significantly to the construction of the malting plant and strengthening its position on the Polish and European markets.

Ryszard’s ambition is to bring Malteurop’s Polish subsidiary to the rank of leader on its market in terms of market share, industrial excellence, and control of the barley supply chain.