The Group Leadership Team

The Group Leadership Team brings together the members of the Executive Committee and the directors of the local units. Its role is to ensure that there is a strategic alignment between the different entities of the Group. It also seeks to increase our capacity to organize experience sharing throughout the Group. It initiates and develops transverse initiatives within the Group.

The Executive Committe

The Executive Committee is the guarantor of our long-term strategies and of the Malteurop Group’s global identity. Its responsibility is to draw attention to the advantages of being a group: a coherent vision and strategies, financial solidity, risk management, the ability to offer customers a single point of contact in their strategic development, an international image and visibility, organization and human resources, identification and harmonization of good practices. The Executive Committee is the guarantor of the values of the Malteurop Group, of its identity, and of its culture of performance.

The local units

The local units have responsibility for improving performance, and for the success and long-term permanence of their activities. On the operational level, our activities are essentially local. Our products cannot be transported economically over long distances. Our customers place great importance on the proximity of our teams to their breweries and we ourselves consider it essential to be close to our sources of barley supplies. A large part of the know-how and expertise of the Malteurop Group comes from experience gained locally. Accordingly, our group encourages dynamism in its local units. They have the delegations necessary for making rapid decisions where local issues are concerned. The local units are the guarantors of our customers’ day-to-day satisfaction.