Malteurop in Ukraine

The newly developed brewing industry in Ukraine, which gained independence in 1991, will need large supplies of malt in the middle term. Negotiations with local brewers picked up momentum when a major world group, which had taken over control of the breweries, asked Malteurop to build a fully integrated supply chain to ensure malt supplies to meet Western quality standards to its three local breweries.

Malteurop established a presence in Chernigov in 2002 and Kharkov in 2004, where it produces more than 160,000 tons of malt annually, entirely from Western barley varieties imported to and developed in the country. This growth has been made possible by the creation of a highly structured agricultural organization, controlling production of seed and its distribution to growers, providing agricultural and technical advice for farmers throughout the vegetative cycle, and ensuring quality control at harvest and during the different logistical stages.

This presence in the heart of a rapidly expanding beer production region is exemplary because it combines:

  • the functioning of a strategic partnership between Malteurop and a brewer of worldwide stature,
  • the creation and development of a profitable and sustainable value chain for agriculture and those who work in agriculture in the regions concerned,
  • the building of two modern plants by Malteurop’s own engineering department.

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Malteurop in Ukraine follows the trends in the grain market and sells a wide range of certified quality malted barley seeds of the highest quality.

Sales of malting barley seeds:




Barley partially late variety. High yield. Excellent brewing properties.

KWS Irina

High-yielding variety: the best results in official trials in Europe. High final fermentation and malt extract.


Productivity when using an intensive method of cultivation. Fit to all requirements for brewing barley.


The variety is adaptable for growing conditions and has a high quality malt.  Fit for the production of both beer and whiskey.


Low-growth high-quality malting barley with a very good grain yield and stable high yield in the continental climate.

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Malteurop Ukraine - 12 Instrumentalna Str. - UA/ Chernigov 14037

Type Rectangular germination vessels
Shipping mode Train / Truck
Packaging Bulk
Types of malt

Pilsen / wheat / special kilned



Malteurop Eastern Ukrainian LLC - 161 Roganskaya Str. - UA/Kharkov 61172

Type Rectangular germination vessels
Shipping mode Train / Truck
Packaging Bulk / Bags
Types of malt

Pilsen / wheat / special kilned