Malteurop in Poland

Serving the largest breweries both internationally and domestically, Malteurop Polska is one of the leading malt producers and distributors in Poland.

In 2007, Malteurop Groupe S.A. purchased the majority holding of shares in Baltic Malt, which became Malteurop Polska Spółka z o.o..

Malteurop Polska’s priority is not only to manufacture and sell the highest-quality malt but also to maintain a complete, state-of-the-art value chain, from barley to malt. With the purpose of integrating all components of that chain, Malteurop Polska participates in the development of the production and processing of high-quality malting barleys, thereby contributing to the modernisation of Poland’s agriculture.

The company makes every effort towards sustainable development through close co-operation with breweries. Since 2002, the company has been ISO 9001 certified.

Malteurop Polska also deals in agricultural produce – primarily grain, both domestically and at export.

In the spring of 2013, the Gdańsk Bulk Terminal (GBT), whose shareholders are CM Holding Dania and Malteurop Polska, went into operation in the port of Gdańsk. Located at the interface between modern land and maritime infrastructures enabling efficient and competitive logistics, the terminal is one of the most modern facilities of this kind in Poland. The GBT’s activities include the handling and storage of bulk cargo, especially grain.

Malteurop Poland produces basic malts — Pilsen and Pale — from two-row barley, as well as Kilned Caramel Malts and Crystal Malts.

In recent years, major work has been done at the malting plant in Gdańsk — installation of a biomass energy cogeneration unit, new bagging equipment, and a new wastewater treatment unit.

To respond to the specific needs of craft breweries in Poland, Malteurop Poland has developed suitable types of packaging and an online malt ordering service.

Malteurop Poland has been HACCP (Food Safety) and IS0 9001 (Quality) certified since 2008.

Malteurop Poland received the Pomeranian Employer of the Year award in 2013 and was accepted as a member and given an award by the Business Gazelle Club of fastest-growing companies. The company also received a European medal for its Pale and Caramel malts and its contribution to the development of the Polish economy.

Shipping modes: dumper truck, silo truck, vessel, train, standard truck with euro pallets

Packaging: bulk, container, bags

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ul. Promowa 1 - PL/80702 Gdańsk

Type Tower
Shipping mode Road / Sea
Packaging Bulk
Types of malt

Pale Pilsen / caramel malt