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The malting industry in New Zealand has a long history with the first malts being produced in the late 1800’s. With a global reputation for producing high quality malts we acquired the sole malting plant at Marton in August 2008. Constructed in 1979 the plant is ideally located to supply both the domestic market and for export shipments through the Port of Wellington.

In New Zealand we manage the whole supply chain, from barley breeding at our laboratories at Irwell, where we develop and trial our own varieties for the group to certified seed multiplication for both our own and European barley varieties, all the way along the supply chain to commercial production and storage at our Ashburton storage facility.

It is at Ashburton that we centralise the majority of our barley production from the Canterbury region for transport to the maltings. With this level of integration we are able to maintain traceability and identity preservation. Coupled with ISO and HACCP accreditation, this ensures the safety and security of the malt supply to the brewers.

Another benefit of our Irwell laboratories is that we conduct ‘off season’ barley breeding activities and trials for our other global operations. Being countercyclical to the northern hemisphere season, a maritime climate and with strict but workable quarantine requirements, New Zealand is seen as an ideal location for this work, thus helping to realise our objective of adding value along the barley-malt supply chain for our customers.

Malteurop New Zealand produces basic malts — Pilsen, Pale, and Munich — and Kilned Caramel Malts from two-row barley.

Malteurop New Zealand has been HACCP (Food Safety) and IS0 9001 (Quality) certified since 2008 and ISO 14001 (Environment) certified since 2004.

Malteurop New Zealand received the Lion Supplier of the Year 2006, 2010 and 2013 awards, the Lion 50 Yrs. of Service Award 2012, and the Lion Acting with Integrity Award 2011.

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