Malteurop in China

The 1990s witnessed an explosion in beer consumption in China. Major brewers began to invest there.

As a partner of one of these brewers, Malteurop was invited to create a production unit for quality malt for the Chinese subsidiary of this large brewing group, located in Baoding in the province of Hebei. Malteurop Baoding (Hebei), founded in 1995, built a malting plant with a 50,000-ton capacity, suited to the needs of regional brewers. The capacity was extended in 2007.

In a context of strong growth in demand, sustained by very large investments by Chinese maltsters, Malteurop Baoding has chosen to develop a malt made from local cereal grains selected by a dynamic team – wheat malt.

Malteurop China produces basic malts — Pilsen, Pale, Mild, Special Pale, Vienna, and Munich —, Kilned Caramel Malts, Crystal Malts, roasted and other special malts, as well as wheat and rye malts.

Malteurop China has been ISO 22000 (Food Safety) certified since 2007, ISO 9001 (Quality) certified since 2004, and ISO 14000 certified since 2009. Since 2007 Malteurop China has also had Organic Food Certification from the CGFDC, the China Green Food Development Center.

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No. 815 Shengli Street - West Road Tianwei - Baoding - Hebei - China 071051

Type Rectangular germination vessels
Shipping mode Train / Truck / Container
Packaging Bulk / Bags
Types of malt

Wheat / Pilsen / Special kilned