Malteurop around the world

The Malteurop Group operates 27 industrial sites in 13 countries. The motivation behind this international outlook is the desire to be:

  • present on the largest malt and beer markets in terms of size, growth and potential;
  • present in regions where there is a strong potential for development of barley growing and of the malting barley supply chain.

During its sustained growth, which has been regular and above the market growth rates, Malteurop has continually invested in renewing its production facilities, whose average per-unit production capacity is 90,000 metric tons of malt.

Over 30% of the total industrial base is less than 10 years old. The engineering and construction of more than a third of the Group’s plants were handled internally by Malteurop’s specific teams.

All of our manufacturing facilities meet criteria of flexibility of orientation of the production facility and of the production process. This allows the plants to adapt to suit differences in raw materials, local conditions, and the needs and demands of brewers.