Research and Innovation

Malt is a natural, versatile product which offers many prospects for applications. Malteurop’s research and innovation approach is focused on creating value: by developing new malt products to meet specific needs or doing agronomic research on barley to produce higher-yield products; and optimizing processes…

Price Risk Management

There are strong variations in the price of malting barley. To protect from price risks, Malteurop offers different options to brewers and distillers. Using its global barley market information alongside its barley risk products lets Malteurop’s customers minimize their malt price volatility…

Growing Sustainability

Regarding Corporate Social Responsibility, and as the integrator of the barley-malt-beer value chain with a global reach, Malteurop’s top 6 priorities are to: support sustainable agriculture; ensure food safety; participate actively in local development; reduce energy consumption; decrease water consumption and ensure a safe workplace for its people…

Ensuring Food Safety

As a supplier to the food and beverage industries, Malteurop is committed to the food safety chain. Food Safety is important at the various phases of the value chain, from the field to the brewhouse, from the seed to the final product. Malteurop aims at meeting the highest health quality standards, before, during and after the malting process…

Participating in Local Development

For Malteurop, Sustainable Development also means participating in the development of the local economies of the regions where it operates, and, more and more, contributing to local origination of products. Malteurop is engaged in long-term collaboration with barley growers, providing them with accompaniment and agronomic advice.

Reducing Energy Consumption

Malteurop’s challenge is to limit the use of resources by getting the best energy yield possible and to increase the share of energy from renewable sources. Malteurop optimises its multisourcing — gas, electricity, or cogeneration — and has made the strategic choice of investing in biomass cogeneration…

Reducing Water Consumption

Malteurop works to minimise its environmental impact on water at three key points: during the growing of the barley; during the transformation of the barley grains into malt; and finally at the end of the process, when the wastewater is treated…

A Leader in the Malt Industry

The Malteurop Group has an industrial presence in 12 countries – 23 malting plants in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Poland, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, China and Russia. First-ranking maltster worldwide, Malteurop is developing rapidly thanks to its innovative positioning – that of market integrator of the barley-malt-beer value chain. Its strategic objective is to guarantee secure supplies to its brewer customers and accompany them as they conquer new beer markets.

Integrator of the value chain

Malteurop’s positioning in the barley-malt-beer value chain is an original one, extending from varietal development to brewing. What is the optimum business model? What advantages can we provide for our customers? How can we best accompany their international development?

Security of supplies

A vital issue for Malteurop’s customers. New tools. Long-term solutions. How to anticipate changes in barley resources? What are the best modes of collaboration?